Balustrade Systems

Balustrades, Pool Fencing, Gates, Awnings, Roller Blinds and Double Glazing

Fully Motorised for Ease of Opening & Closing Fully Motorised for Ease of Opening & Closing With Clear PVC With Clear PVC



Retractable Folding Arm Awnings

Retractable Folding Arm Awnings are perfect for full shade protection from the hot summer sun, harsh UV rays and other types of weather conditions.

HomePlus Exteriors Awning Systems are custom made from high quality European folding arm technology, hardware and fabrics. Standard awnings are controlled by a gearbox and a removable crank handle operation and all awnings can be automated and operated by remote control if desired.

HomePlus Exteriors have the traditional “Deauville” Folding Arm Awnings and the more modern, premium “Felicia” Boxed Folding Arm Awning which completely rolls into a casement box for protection when not in use.

Drop Down Cafe Awnings

“Bannette” Drop Down Awnings are ideal for commercial and residential situations where protection from the weather is required without interrupting your view.

Drop Down Awnings are operated by a gearbox with a removable crank handle.

All Drop Down Awnings are custom made, using either a hard wearing clear plastic PVC or from any one of HomePlus Exteriors wide range of shade materials.

Drop Arm Awnings

“Bannette” Drop Arm Awnings are suitable for window and balcony areas where internal shade and sun protection is required. Drop Arm Awnings are controlled by a gearbox and a removable crank handle and have spring loaded arms to provide even tension on the fabric.

All Drop Arm Awnings are custom made and are available in a wide range of fabrics. 

PergolaFlex Conservatory Awnings

PergolaFlex Conservatory Awnings are great for controlling the amount of light and sun in areas under conservatories, pergolas or verandahs. PergolaFlex Awnings can also be used above decks or patios to create an alfresco outdoor space that is free from direct sunlight and glare.


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